Back in 2011 when we shot our first wedding together, we were simply friends that approached life with a desire to capture beauty, a shared loved for art, and a nostalgia for the romance a wedding day holds. 

Today, those things are still true but are more deeply rooted. Newly married ourselves, we know the importance the role photography plays in helping capture and preserve the memories of such a special day. 

Our approach to wedding photography is to provide timeless and romantic images that can be enjoyed for decades to come. Some of our favourite weddings to photograph have been located close to home here in Toronto, and in Greenville South Carolina where we met at University. We also have had the privilege to travel across the globe to Paris, London, New York City, Los Angeles and Hong Kong capturing beautiful love stories. 

Artists first, we are inspired by painters like Edgar Degas, and Vincent Van Gogh, and you can often find us on our days off in local art museums. 

We are fine art wedding photographers and we would be honoured to create photographs for you and your family that will become heirlooms of your wedding day. 

Your wedding is a reflection of your own personal story, and we want to tell that story in the most beautiful way possible. We believe your wedding photos should be timeless and classic, to be as beautiful in 50 years as they are today. We are storytellers and artists first, and we find joy in capturing the moments that matter to you most, so you can relive them over and over again. 

We have a deep love for the beauty of film photography. It’s the artists inside us that appreciate the tactile nature that this physical film offers. Shot on the legendary film camera Contax 645, and processed by the skilled hands of those at the Canadian Film Lab, the beauty of this medium is truly on another level. We know you’ll love the artistry that this will add to the celebration of your love story.