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For the Love of Print

We love print. Living in a world gone digital (which, let’s be real, is so helpful for sharing life with those cousins in California, or Uncle George who moved to Australia), there is something extra romantic and nostalgic about print.

Feeling the texture of the paper in your hands, the smell of that old album your mom made of your baby photos, reliving the road trip your family took when you were just out of diapers - yellowing pages and all - there’s just something undeniably special about print.

So to celebrate our love for print, we decided to pair the best of both worlds: your wedding photos and fine art prints. And eek! How beautiful are these handmade boxes by the lovely company Rospins? And what’s even better, Rospins is collaborating with Ink and Press Co. (just go ahead and look them up right now) and the wreath they have made for the outside of the box is just to die for. It’s so beautiful and timeless.

So imagine the best scenario with us, brides: snail mail arrives at your door, and the best day is packaged with care inside a handmade box, the perfect heirloom to keep reliving that best day - your wedding day - in print. The texture, the rich pigment of the photos, the story of your day beautifully told. We cannot wait to put it all together - your very own keepsake prints.


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