"You're taking your own wedding photos right?"

Ah, the dilemma of wedding photographers getting married and going through the process of choosing their own wedding photographer. So was the case for me and Allie back in 2018 when we tied the knot. So many of our friends and family jokingly agreed that I would end up taking the photos myself.

This of course is ridiculous, and we ended up getting an amazing couple out of Portland to shoot our big day (thank you Luke & Mallory!). But ultimately I didn't feel right until I took some of my own photos of my bride. And so as one does, I convinced Allie to bring along her wedding dress on our two-part honeymoon.

First up, the Smokey Mountains.

We had an incredible relaxing week in an A-frame cabin with easy access to both the Tennesee & North Carolina mountains, and as we came to the end of our week of relaxation, I felt the building anticipation of shooting some photos atop a mountain that me and Allie had visited while dating. This section of the US holds so many memories for us, and especially this beautiful little spot with sweeping views called Linville Gorge. The only problem was the best light at this particular spot was at sunrise, and so that meant getting up at 3am to have enough time to drive the unpaved road filled with switch backs and potholes to get there in time.

So after some invigorating coffee from my Aeropress, and making the trek up the mountain, we stepped out into the crisp October air. Allie slipped on her dress, I tied my bow tie in the reflection of the car window, and we dashed down the trail, fully suited chasing the sunrise. We got a few strange looks from waking campers, to say the least.

Even though the waking up process was a bit belaboured, and we went back and forth so many times on wether waking up that early was worth it, there are few things as memorable as watching the sunrise with your new wife on the top of a mountain in the Carolinas.

Taking turns with the Nikon, and keeping the tripod handy, these are some of our favourite shots from that beautiful morning.