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Taking Allie's Bridal Portraits in Paris

Soo I may or may not have bribed her with French baguettes to pack her wedding dress into her suitcase as we hopped on a plane to travel to one of my favourite places on earth: Paris. And luckily for me, the baguette bribe worked on Allie.

Now the first time I went to Paris was after shooting a wedding in London, England I was on a UK high, after visiting Northern Ireland and Scotland, and I hoped that Paris wouldn't bring me down. My impression was that it was filled with cheesy couples, holding red heart balloons, pacing back in forth in front of the Eiffel Tower. *insert eye roll*. Surely this city can't be that great.

Boy was I wrong. I'd agree with Victor Hugo that “a breath of Paris preserves the soul.” From the seemingly never-ending, beauty-filled architecture that continues after every corner you take, to the incredible espresso in the tiniest cafes, to the presentness of the people in their conversations over wine, and the artful views from pretty much every direction you look, Paris is an immersive city of inspiration characterized by class and elegance.

Allie, my new bride, had never been to Paris. She had heard varying accounts of the place, not to mention my love-filled words for it. Many loved it, many didn't. But she had fully trusted me that this would be the best place to honeymoon. I think I can say, from the first ten minutes that her jaw was open with shock, as we first toured the streets, she fell in love with Paris too. I knew I married the right girl.

But back to the photography part. A honeymoon spent in a romantic city is one thing, but taking photos of your wife in her wedding dress just weeks after your wedding? These photos are priceless heirlooms we will cherish as we grow old together.

So even though I had been to Paris several times, needless to say, going with your boo is just on another level. We stayed in the most pure Parisian flat in the 8th arrondissement, which set the scene for some of our favourite shots. The place was an embodiment of what I think about Allie: elegant, timeless, and beautiful. Which is why I needed to be in Paris with her, and I needed to take her photograph. Nothing could close out this season of celebrating our wedding better than seeing her through my lens on that balcony. These are a few of our favourites, so imagine the delicious scent of a fresh French baguette, and enjoy.


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